Meet. Learn. Explore. Grow


Our club offers a wide variety of activities to fit every interest and prosper by the enthusiastic participation of all our members. We encourage our members to join as many interest groups as they wish. Our monthly functions just to name a few are: Book Clubs, Chick Flicks (Movie) Night, Ladies Luncheons, Out and About in Pittsburgh, and Girls’ Night Out. Come connect to other members and to the community. We have a jam-packed year planned with several all-Club events. Details of our social events and activities are included in our membership directory and monthly newsletters.

A sampling of our interest groups:

    • Book Groups: We offer morning, afternoon, and evening groups to satisfy varied schedules and interests
    • Bridge: Come learn and play with the best.
    • Walk About in Pittsburgh: Explore the Pittsburgh area with your newest friends
    • Chick Flicks: Movie night with the girls.
    • Ladies Luncheons: Explore a new restaurant every month.
    • Girls’ Night Out: Adventurous dining excursions, entertaining activities, and fun!
    • Potluck Lunch: Informal cooking with friends.
    • In-a-Pinch: New baby? Illness? We’re here for you! All members are included in this group which helps out fellow newcomers who find themselves temporarily “in a pinch”.
    • *Dining in the ‘Burgh: multiple times a year we’ll dine out in Pittsburgh.
    • *Weekend Potluck: Enjoy a potluck buffet in each others’ homes several times a year.

(*spouse or guest welcome)