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Interest Groups

A sampling of our interest groups:

  • Book Groups: We offer morning, afternoon, and evening groups to satisfy varied schedules and interests
  • Bridge: Come learn and play with the best.
  • Walk About in Pittsburgh: Explore the Pittsburgh area with your newest friends
  • Chick Flicks: Movie night with the girls.
  • Ladies Luncheons: Explore a new restaurant every month.
  • Girls’ Night Out: Adventurous dining excursions, entertaining activities, and fun!
  • Potluck Lunch: Informal cooking with friends.
  • Majhong: Join us for a game of skill, strategy and calculation
  • In-a-Pinch: New baby? Illness? We’re here for you! All members are included in this group which helps out fellow newcomers who find themselves temporarily “in a pinch”.
  • *Dining in the ‘Burgh: multiple times a year we’ll dine out in Pittsburgh.
  • *Weekend Potluck: Enjoy a potluck buffet in each others’ homes several times a year.